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Smiling, he shook his head, making his hair whip to and fro as if he were underwater. “No. As your host in this macabre manor, it’s my duty to see to it you are well tended to, comfortable, and safe.” Quietly, he added,”I know some touch of suffering, and I don’t want to inflict it on others.”

Beatrice felt really guilty now, knowing that Beau had also suffered, possibly as they have. She had a very apologetic look on her pale face. Beatrice came out from behind the older girl and approached him slowly, still frowning.

"Beatrice, I think we should go…" Adelaide hastily suggested, something didn’t seen right in this manor, aside from the oddly polite ghost who floated in front of them, there were things only she could hear, things that made the place seem unsettling and unsafe.

"What… What’s your name?" Beatrice asked, becoming less afraid. Phillip resting atop her head.

Their uneasiness made him hyper-conscious of every move he was making and every syllable he uttered. “My name is Beauregard, but you can call me Beau if that would be easier for you. No need for strict formalities here.” He smiled in what he hoped was a reassuring way and gave a little bob of his head. “That’s an adorable rodent you have. I’m rather fond of mice myself. Most animals in general, really.” Frowning, he added, “Except for ravens. I’ve had too many bad experiences with them.” The mansion creaked and groaned around them. Beau rolled his eyes, as if trying to take in everything from floor, to ceiling, to the other end of the room. “Stay by the fire a while. Its bright warmth will keep you… cozy.” He lingered back a bit, not wanting to be near the flames he’d created.


Last fall, Nicolas and Mariah got to tour the Gravity Falls offices and hang out with the staff as part of their wish for the Make A Wish Foundation program. They both got to meet Alex Hirsch and many of the people who work on the show. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience any fan would love to have.

Nicolas was able to make some edits on an episode while Mariah was able to pitch her ideas for the show to the writers. Both got to see the design process and what exactly goes into making Gravity Falls one of the best shows around. They even got sneak peeks and previews of stuff we won’t even be able to see for months.

Both received lots of great gifts courtesy of the staff. From autographed t-shirts and DVDs to custom artwork, including renditions of themselves as characters in Gravity Falls which you see at the top of this post. Nicolas even got a call from Dipper (Jason Ritter) himself! Even more amazing is that both Nicolas and Mariah both got to voice characters in season 2!

Special thanks to everyone at the Gravity Falls offices who made this happen and were able to give Nicolas and Mariah a day they would never forget. There are some truly great people that work on the show and it shows not just in the animation, but in what they do for their fans as well.



Concept art and animation panels for Treasure Planet 2

Before Treasure Planet was shown in cinemas, Thomas Schumacher, then president of Walt Disney Feature Animation, mentioned the possibilities of having direct-to-video releases for Treasure Planet as well as a television series. He stated that they already had “a story and some storyboards and concepts up and a script for what a sequel to [Treasure Planet] could be,” and that they also had a “notion” of what the series would be.

Director Jun Falkenstein and screenwriter Evan Spiliotopoulos began early development on Treasure Planet 2. In the sequel, Jim Hawkins and Kate, his love interest and classmate at the Royal Interstellar Academy, must team with Long John Silver to stop the villainous Ironbeard from freeing the inmates of Botany Bay Prison Asteroid. Willem Dafoe was set to voice Ironbeard. The sequel was canceled when Treasure Planet disappointed at the box office.

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